Here’s Delta’s Totally Awesome 80s-Inspired In-Flight Safety Video

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not to be outdone by some of the better in-flight safety videos of late, such as Air New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings-themed video or Virgin America’s quirky animated video, Delta recently released an 80s-themed safety video sure to inspire a few people to actually look up from reading the back of their air sickness bags and pay attention.

And I think I’m pretty above-par when it comes to picking up references, and I probably tip to the right of the bell curve when it comes to decade-themed references, so I’m going to give it a go on this video. Let me know what I missed.

• Side ponytail
• Metal hair band
• Devo
• Neon graphic tee
• Shoulder-baring tops
• Hair spray blowouts
• Teddy Ruxpin
• Boombox
• Atari
• Breakdancing
• Track jacket
• Black lace gloves
• Headgear
• The prep look
• Mullets
• Alf
• Ray-Bans
• Leg warmers
• Feathered bangs
• Kid ‘n’ Play
• Spike bracelet
• Tab
• Cassette tape
• Rubik’s cube
• Kareem Abdul-Jabar (as a co-pilot a la 1980’s Airplane!)

By Matt Stabile


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