The Top 10 Markets Around The World

Thursday, February 28, 2013


CNN put together a list of their top 10 best markets around the world, and for you Asian food snobs, guess what, you didn’t get all 10. In fact, 6 of the 10 were located in continents other than someplace where you’re likely to see a 75-year-old grandmother hacking away at a pig’s head with a giant cleaver (unfortunately, I might add).

Topping off the list is Barcelona’s famed La Boqueria. More tourist photo-op than local food market today, Boqueria is still many people’s gateway drug into the addiction that is Spanish cuisine. Second on the list is Tsukiji Fish Market where, you may recall, the world’s most expensive fish was sold (a $1.8-million-dollar bluefin tuna). Coming in as third is New York City’s own Union Square Market, the ground zero source for all of the city’s farm-to-market restaurants (which, at last count, was all of them).

Here is the entire list:

1) La Boqueria: Barcelona, Spain
2) Tsukiji Fish Market: Tokyo, Japan
3) Union Square Farmer’s Market: New York City, United States
4) Or Tor Kor Market: Bangkok, Thailand
5) St. Lawrence Market: Toronto, Canada
6) Borough Market: London, England
7) Kreta Ayer Wet Market: Singapore
8) Lancaster Central Market: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
9) Marché Provencal: Antibes, France
10) Kowloon City Wet Market: Hong Kong

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