The Easiest Way To Get A Visa For Asia

Sunday, April 7, 2013



When was the last time you paid a bill by writing out a check, addressing an envelope, sealing the envelope, licking a stamp and walking it to the mailbox? It would be as senseless as balancing your checkbook in a world where you can just login online to see how much you spent at the bar last night. Everything, even obtaining a visa to your favorite Asian countries, can now be done online.

With the launch of Evisa Asia, days buried in hours of existential doubt scouring the Internet and message forums for a straight answer about visa requirements of this or that Asian country have finally joined the ranks of rotary telephones, horses drawn-carriages and MySpace: passé relics of yesteryear.

Evisa Asia allows travelers to fill out a single application, which then opens the visa-guarded doors by acting as your visa agent for the whole continent. Asiatic!

The site has an easy interface, which is a pleasant departure for anyone who has braved the bureaucracies that once stood between you and a visa.  Simply click on the country you are traveling to next and then provide them your nationality, and you are then guided through a seamless process that allows you to do everything. It even takes a requisite photo using your webcam in order to have your visa processed.


Based on the information a person provides on the Evisa Form, any issues with the application are immediately red flagged and an applicant is then seamlessly provided with information about what steps to take in order to procure a visa.

Innovations like Evisa Asia are why we let the Internet sit in the front seat of our lives in the first place. There is plenty to worry about when traveling, so it makes sense to outsource as much of the hassle as possible.

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