Which Country Allows You To Travel The Most Without A Visa?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Which Country Allows You To Travel The Most Without A Visa

Every wonder which country is the best to live in if you wanted to travel the world without ever having to get a visa? Well, turns out, if you’re from Finland, Sweden or the U.K., you can travel to exactly 173 other countries without having to spend the time or money obtaining a visa. Not bad, especially if you’re a last-minute traveler who likes to be spontaneous (or who specializes in scooping up cheap airline tickets for travel in the near future).

Citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners recently released their Visa Restrictions Index, which takes a look at 219 countries and their respective visa requirements to determine which nationalities can travel the world the easiest.

Unsurprisingly, Scandinavia dominates the top ranks of the list (like they do with most lists). Coming in at the top is Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom (173 countries), closely followed by Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and the U.S. (172 countries).

The following shows the top countries where its residents can travel to 168 or more countries visa-free around the world.

1) (173 Countries)

• Finland
• Sweden
• United Kingdom

2) (172 Countries)

• Denmark
• Germany
• Luxembourg

3) (171 Countries)

• Belgium
• Italy
• Netherlands

4) (170 Countries)

• Canada
• France
• Ireland
• Japan
• Norway
• Portugal
• Spain

5) (168 Countries)

• Austria
• New Zealand
• Switzerland

For a full list of the index, visit the Visa Restrictions Index here.


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  • I’m happy about the things that you bring it really interesting and useful, thanks

  • Jonny Blair

    Great list Matt – actually met a girl from Singapore this week and she suggested they were number one yet they haven’t even made the top 5. I travel on a UK and an Irish passport – wasn’t aware that so many places were visa free on either, seems I’ve spent most of my travels buying visas, I guess that means there are a lot of free places left now for me. Safe travels.

    • MattStabile

      Now you have empirical proof! I think the problem is that many of the more interesting countries backpackers like to visit have stricter rules due to reciprocity (meaning our respective countries have touch visa restrictions on them, so they reciprocate).

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