You’ll Never Look At San Francisco The Same After Watching This

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Having recently returned home from San Francisco, a city I hadn’t seen in about 10 years, I’m still trying to get over just how damn scenic that city is. It’s hard to compare any major city in the world in terms of pure spectacle one sees in almost every direction they look there (such as looking toward the Golden Gate Bridge during sunset, the Golden Gate Bridge as you pass under it by boat or the famed “Painted Ladies” with downtown in the background).

The above video was recently forwarded to me from someone who knew I was heading to the city soon. Shot by photographer Simon Christen, this time-lapse video focuses on the famous fog that rolls in from the Pacific Ocean and over and through the bay due to various unique meteorological conditions present in and around the city far too complicated far me to explain here.

Though hard to understand, try to be content with simply watching the amazing show Mother Nature puts on for San Franciscans all year long.

[Adrift by Simon Christen via/Vimeo; News tip by my mother]

By Matt Stabile



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  • Scott Bixler

    Beautiful golden city with huge potential that just wasn’t going to be. SF is exceptionally gorgeous from a plane window, but when you ride the buses and walk, you can’t help but notice the streets are lined with stinky poo and pee as well as nasty angry rude people making a big fuss on buses and other public places. The housing crisis, class struggle, and economy are deeply stressing many…

  • That is a great experience and perfect, I like it

  • After just returned home from San Francisco, a city I had not seen in about 10 years, I’m still trying to overcome how scenic damn that you’re really into nostalgia pho.chac the images of San Francisco, is pretty much sure that the images you share it beautif

  • Thanks for the video. I lived on the Presidio of San Francisco for two years when it was an active military base. Used to get woken up by the fog horns….it is a surreal place and you nailed the city of San Francisco…..literally every direction is a camera shot there!

    • MattStabile

      Thanks Phil, although Sion Christen for the amazing video. But I do agree, there aren’t many cities in the world as scenic as San Francisco is.

  • Katie Wills

    Simon Christen- take a bow! What a wonderful capture!!!

  • Wow. It’s like a river of clouds. A heavenly sight!

  • Did you check out Alcatraz?

    • MattStabile

      Well, I sailed by it, but didn’t have to time to actually to there. Next time!

      • Aye, next time. It’s fascinating to stand in the same spot as the legendary criminals. The best part is you can actually get yourself thrown in the hole. I encourage it.

        • MattStabile

          Nice, I normally avoid getting thrown in prison while traveling, but I would make an exception here.

  • A long time you do not see and we think that’s all the changes are difficult to identify, or moments of great moments.

  • Alexandra Pucherelli

    Makes me miss my second home! It was great to see you and catch up. I’m in Portland already so let me know when you head up here because I might still be in town ;)

    • MattStabile

      Awesome, I’ll be there May 9 – 12. Great to see you too, always a good time!

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