This Sunny Sydney Timelapse Will Have You Wishing For The Beach

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here’s a video of one of my favorite locations In the world. If you guessed that it was Sydney, then you were right. If you guessed that one of the reasons it makes the list is due to the massive amount of access you have to the water there all the time, then you are also right.

[Summer in Sydney via YouTube]


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  • joney

    This summer view of sydney seems really great, I would love to plan my holidays there for sure for getting a lot of fun.

  • We visited Sydney and other parts of Australia for the first time last February from British Columbia. Beautiful city! Hope to return again one day soon! Great video Matt!

    • MattStabile

      Nice, yeah I loved the views overall. I can’t wait to get there soon.

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