A Flyer Pointed His Camera Out The Window One Night And This Was The Show He Got

Thursday, January 2, 2014

On a nightime trans-atlantic flight from London to New York in early November, seasoned traveler Paul Williams perched his camera on his backpack and aimed it out the window and set it to take a picture every few seconds. What resulted is this amazing time-lapse video of the northern lights (or aurora borealis to those of you that get technical about these kinds of things), an in-flight movie that I guarantee beat any romantic comedy that may have been showing on his seat back that evening.

How did Williams know he would see such a show? He naturally went to the internet, which if you dig deep enough past cat pictures and videos about applying makeup reveals this site, which provides real-time mapping of potential visibility of the northern lights. (Hint: chances are very good on any trip that flies past the tip of Greenland.)

By Matt Stabile



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