The Oddest And Most Watchable Road Trip Movie Of The Year

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This may qualify as one of the most oddball, strange, entertaining and beautiful road trip videos you’re going to see for a while (at least through 2013). Made by videographer Ari Fararooy, this irreverent jaunt across the U.S. includes enough strange musical interludes, fourth wall breakdowns and compelling visual footage to please the David Lynch/Woody Allen fan in all of you.

I asked Ari about the story behind the shoot, and this is what he had to say:

Well the reason for the road-trip was actually that I was moving from Boston to Los Angeles. I’m working as filmmaker out here so naturally I wanted to take some photographs and videos along the way. I didn’t have any idea what the ultimate video was going to come out like, and the only thing I knew I wanted to film prior to the trip was the repeated interactions with widescreen bars. Everything after that was either improvised on the road or modified while editing. But I knew I wanted to make a different kind of travel video, dissimilar from the ones you’d normally see on Vimeo, so this is what I ultimately came up with!


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By Matt Stabile



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