Travel Motivation From The Big Screen

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In a manic episode of escapism, and don’t ask me why, I happened to grab the movie “Sound of Music” off the shelf. In a recent post, I shared not seeing “Lord of the Rings.” I must apologize yet again; I haven’t seen this classic in its entirety, until last night.

What struck me wasn’t the music, or those frisky Von Trapp kids (though I should take a page from their practical joke book), it was the dramatic scenery behind those timeless “Sound of Music” shots; the mountains, abbeys, and fountains.  I found out, the majority of those took place in and around Salzburg, Austria (pictured above), a spot I need to get to, and soon.

What movies out there have you used as travel motivation? Many destinations, like Austria, have never really crossed my mind as a destination until I am reminded of their splendor on the big screen. I’m sure this happens to all of us.

This BraveNewTraveler Blog, listing 20 top travel films, will surely give you some ideas. I’ll break the ice and offer up a favorite of mine, “Into the Wild.”

Leave a comment with your suggestions; I’m always looking for a good flick. We know Matt is, he suffered through, err, watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” on his way back from Africa. Yikes.

Photo by Nagesh Kamath

By Jon Wick


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