Know Your Passenger Rights!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I had no idea I could be compensated for a delay. I thought delays were just part and parcel of taking the plane,  domestic and international. Apparently we have rights as travelers, something worth considering when sitting for an overnight delay or last-minute cancellation. You could get a food voucher! I would be interested to know for which place (and, slightly frightened, to know).

The Wall Street Journal has this handy chart explaining the differences between the E.U., U.S. and Canada when it comes to ¨passenger rights.” I am all for compensation when it comes to outrageous delays. It helps to smooth the tension over. However, there appears to be a dilemma: if more ¨rights¨ are put in place by the government, the poor multi-billion dollar airline companies will lose more money forcing them to make cutbacks or even drop out of business.

Is it just me? Although I find legislating ¨compensation-rights¨ a little overboard, shouldn´t the company just do a better job taking care of their customers? I know that unexpected things happen, but isn´t it the business of business, especially in the airline industry, to provide the best service possible? What ever happened to business integrity? Why am I asking so many questions?

By Brit Weaver


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