Borneo: See Unforgettable Wildlife, Almost Get Bitten By A Deadly Snake, All In One Day

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It’s probably fair to say that Bako National Park, in Borneo, is the only national park in the world where you are likely to run into hairy-nosed otters, flying lemurs, silver-leaf monkeys, honey bears, and green pit vipers (whose poisonous bite will kill you within a matter of hours), all in a single day. And you wanted to take the kids to Disney World?

Located in the state of  Sarawak, TSMH heads into the forests of Borneo to the national park (via boat — the only way to get there), to explore the truly remarkable cornucopia of wildlife that calls these forests home.

Sarawak is one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo (the other is Sabah). In an area about the size of England lies one of the most ecologically diverse regions on Earth. It’s a veritable living laboratory; a Noah’s Ark of unique plants and animals sustaining 27 diverse ethnic groups.

The sad part is, as the article points out, these lands have been heavily deforested, with estimates for the amount of forest that has been cut due to logging and to make way for palm oil plantations as high as 50%. Which makes you wonder, who’s the bigger danger, that venomous viper or that two-legged human?

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