A Response To Travel Quotes

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In a dark, local bar in some far off place, you may find yourself dropping in on others’ conversations. Sometimes, you hear a phrase that resonates with whatever you are thinking at the time and sometimes people say the darn-dest things.

With today’s technology and all travelers being united through the internet and smart phones, World Hum gathered 23 Great Fake Travel Quotes. It was a tweeted response to Cathy Salter’s interpretation of travel on the Columbia Daily Tribune, “Travel … six letters flowing like melted French Brie across two syllables.”

My favourite Michael Yessis quote response?

“Travel sticks with you like gum in your hair until you get it out with peanut butter.”

I love peanut butter and it wasn’t until I sojourned abroad that I started to crave it. Since a return trip to Canada, I have been on a PB binge: on a spoon, with raspberry jam or butter in a sandwich, buying jars of the gooey stuff so that there are currently 4 different brands sitting on my kitchen shelf. Etc.

Still, to get back to the topic, I can’t help but add a friend’s quote, “futons are the public restrooms of the world”.

I guess there are those who, like myself, can fall asleep anywhere.

By Brit Weaver


About the Author

Toronto born and based, Brit is an avid leisure cyclist, coffee drinker and under-a-tree park-ist. She often finds herself meandering foreign cities looking for street eats to nibble, trees to climb, a patch of grass to sit on, or a small bookstore to sift through. You can find her musing life on her personal blog, TheBubblesAreDead.wordpress.com.

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