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The Expeditioner's May Travel Photo Contest Winner: Hanoi Eatery | The Expeditioner Travel Site

The Expeditioner’s May Travel Photo Contest Winner: Hanoi Eatery

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Hanoi, you can have your cacophony of unrelenting horns. Me? I’ll revel in the bliss that is your cuisine. This month’s photo contest winner, Jonathan Hall, did just that. In his own words:

Hanoi’s dining scene can be daunting at first as there are rarely any menus. You just walk along until you see something that looks good, sit down and communicate how many portions you want. At 67 Hang Dieu Street, Hanoi, Bun Bo Nam Bo is typical of Hanoi’s street eateries in that they only do one dish, and they do it well.

The restaurant itself is always busy and will test your ability to sit comfortably on Hanoi’s ubiquitous tiny plastic stools. It is a deep, narrow cave of a restaurant that somehow also manages to fit in a second, mezzanine level. As an accompaniment to what you see in the photo, they also serve Nem Chua, which is a pressed, cured pork sausage rolled up in a banana leaf, which explains the excess of green detritus on the restaurant floor. The clientele is young and hip and located right in the middle of Old Hanoi.

This shot is a quality recipe of lighting, action, still, and delicious. However, for Luke, it was awful. Terrible. And never again should Team Expeditioner vote on a contest winner, as delicious as this shot, on a day that Luke skips breakfast. Sorry man, we’ll plan a little better in the future.

Congratulations to American Jon and his shot of Bun Bo Nam Bo from Hanoi. Take a phenomenal photo tour through his shots and experiences from London to Laos by clicking through to his Flickr page.

Our June Contest is ready to roll! There are those moments when you stand at the foot of the precipice, or on top of a mountain, and before you is a sight never to be forgotten. Those moments when our eyes make us stop and take it all in. So many places remind us of these moments. Our next photo contest, lasting throughout the month of June, asks, “Where’s your inspiration?” Is it a view to the horizon or a view into history? Whatever it may be, submit your shots of “Inspring Vistas” for a chance to win June’s travel photography contest at The Expeditioner’s Flickr group.
By Jon Wick


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Jon lives in Butte, Montana, spending most of his time on skis or bikes; sometimes both. He began travel writing while teaching in Korea and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Technical Communication at Montana Tech. Jon has begun writing his first book, The Story of Will, whose movie rights are still (very) available. Catch more of Jon at (@ExpedJon)

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