Scandinavia Trip: Day Three

Friday, June 20, 2008

After finally getting some sleep (does eight hours make up for only five hours of sleep in a 48-hour period?) I headed back to Gamla Stan to do get a little video footage which I’d been neglecting to do thus far, and made my way along the island coastline south towards the giant Viking cruise line boat to book my trip to Tallinn, Estonia.

Once I finally got there I was kindly informed by the lone ticket agent, “This boat goes to Helsinki. You want to go, you will like?” No thanks, I answered, and she patiently pointed out to me the boat where I needed to visit, which happened to be on the exact opposite end of the city.

I finally bought a ticket and on the way back met a group of Stockholmers heading to the park to partake in some midsummer festivities. Perfect, I had about four hours to kill until I had to ship off.

In the center of the park there was a traditional maypole set up (a giant, flowery phallic symbol) and we watched a group dance to traditional Swedish music. Later, a mass of children converged onto the opening and danced as well (something all Swedes are embarrassed to admit they did when they were younger). I met a group of Swedes with a stockpile of various liquor who invited me to a bbq. I thanked them, but told them I was on my way to Tallinn.


I just checked into probably the nicest accommodations I’ll see this trip and will be heading out tonight, arriving in Estonia in the morning (hmm – never thought I’d be typing that last sentence anytime soon).


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