Scandinavia Trip: Day Nine

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got to talking with the girl sitting next to me on the train to Malmo. I was telling her about my site and she pulled out her computer and for the next hour-and-a-half showed me pictures from her recent four-month trek through India. What an amazing trip. She said her money went so far there. Traveling in Scandinavia makes an American feel like an Indian traveling in Europe.

Anyways, she phoned up her friend in Malmo to ask him what I should do when I got there, and he said, “Go to Lund.” So I hopped off the train early and stayed in Lund. This university town, about 10 minutes by train outside of Malmo, is a great place to wander around the old, medieval streets. Also, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Lunders love bicycles.


My hostel was actually an old, parked train.


If only I stayed in the boat hostel located in Stockholm, I could’ve said that I had spent the night in a plane, train and a boat.

Of course the only bad thing about college towns in the summer is that they tend not to be as active at night. I watched the Germany v. Turkey match on a huge, outdoor screen in one of the town´s squares but then I got sleepy halfway through and had to leave. I’m ready to start enjoying the nightlife again when I get to Copenhagen. I got up early and spent the morning in Malmo. I think I made the right decision to stay in Lund. Malmo was good to see, but seeing it during the morning was good enough for me. I visited an international food bazaar in one of the old downtown streets.

I got to Copenhagen with no problems, checked into the hostel, and after smelling myself and the contents of my bag, I decided to trek it over to the world-famous Laundromat Cafe in the hip district of Nørrebro to do my laundry and grab a drink. The Laundromat Cafe is probably one of the coolest laundromat/cafe/bars/lending libraries in the world.


The owner told me to stop drinking the Diet Coke in front of me and he popped open a bottle of Anton’s Æblemost, an organic Danish apple soda. Nørrebro reminds me of home, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I think I’m gonna like this town.

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