Scandinavia Trip: Day Ten

Friday, June 27, 2008

I´ve been in Copenhagen for only about a day but I feel like I´ve been living here for a year; a surprisingly easy city to learn despite its massive size. I headed to Club Silk last night. This club proved that even an all-you-can-drink night can´t make up for a lame crowd. Oh well, I had a pretty good time.

I did a ton today, including an amazing bike trek around the city on one of the rent-a-bikes set up around the city. I’m embarrassed to say this bike turned out to be even nicer than the one I have back home in Brooklyn — this one at least had brakes. You can see a video of my bike trip below.

Tomorrow’s my last day, unfortunately, but I look forward to checking out Christianshavn, this island known for its funky vibe and one of Europe´s largest squatter communities. Should be interesting. Also, one final boat trip. Kind of a bookend for the trip given my nautical theme when I began in Stockholm.

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