The World Is Discovering Bogotá

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler just got back from Bogotá, Colombia, and he wants to show you his slides from the trip! (Come on Tony, you own 25% of one of the world’s largest travel guidebook publications in the world and you can’t secure a video camera for your trips?) Check out the view of the city at 2:13 (Bogatá is nestled in the mountains and has an alitude of over 8,300 feet — take that Denver!).

Anyways, as the world is quickly finding out (and what I hope to find out come late November) is that Colombia is a great place to visit. With the ebbing of the violent drug culture of the 80’s, the world is quickly rediscovering Colombia’s vibrant culture, with its world-class food (Colombian ex-pats say this is what they usually miss the most about their home), friendly people, and influential music spread across the third-largest country in Latin America (as well as the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world). When I get back I promise — promise! — not to do a slideshow on the site.

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