Sleep Cheap In New York City

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It’s not exactly news that it’s nearly impossible to afford hotels in New York City (don’t even get me started on apartments) but who wants to pay hundreds of dollars a night in a city that doesn’t sleep? (It’s not like you’re going to sleep all that much while you’re there anyways.) Here’s a few tips to save save a few Dollars/Euros/Yen — whatever the kids are using these days.

For the truly thrifty there’s always CouchSurfing, which, at last check, had 278 people in Manhattan alone offering up their couches for you, the complete stranger.

On Craigslist you can find apartments for nightly rentals as low as $50 a night— cram four people in there and you’re sleeping for less than the cost of a Martini in the Meatpacking District. Besides Craigslist, there are at least 11 other sites listing vacation rentals around the city where you can slide by for under $100 (still a deal considering that the average rate for a room in the City in 2008 was up to $350).

Of course, if you want to shell out the dough to stay in a hotel there are a ton of options, including some cool, funky, new places like the Pod Hotel as seen in the video above. Make sure you check out the rooftop view on the video at 1:52 (also watch how happy Kelley gets when she makes it to the top bunk — she totally should’ve had a bunk bed when she was growing up). A quick look at the site shows a bunk bed room (romantic!) for $170/night over the Thanksgiving holiday — so only about $85 between you and your bunk buddy. I heard there’s a parade that Thursday morning too. Check it out, that is, if you’re awake by then.

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