Does Cheaper Fuel Mean Cheaper Tickets?

Friday, October 17, 2008

With oil dropping below $70 a barrel this week in a major global sell-off (sorry Russia) there are reports surfacing that airlines are rolling back fuel surcharge fees on tickets, which translates into some serious price reductions. There were some reports that only international carriers were dropping fees, but now the U.S. airlines are getting in the act as well. Prices on flights to London from parts of the U.S. have dropped a hefty $62 — that’s three more pints you can afford! British Airways announced a £13 drop in fees for all tickets beginning October 15th, Virgin has dropped fees by up to $40 and Delta lopped off $74 on flights to Asia.

. . . which brings me to my next point: anyone else notice any deals on their tickets? Have you checked to see if your ticket actually went down since you bought it? Well, we here at TheExpeditioner have been working around the clock and our staff has now inmplemented a spiffy new “Comments” section. So let me know your thoughts, maybe we can share some deals. I’ll start with my ticket to Colombia.

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