Cartagena Is For Food Lovers

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cartagena, Colombia, has been experiencing a dramatic upsurge in the number of visitors over the last few years, with over a million in 2006 coming to see this colonial city on the Caribbean coast. Besides being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as being one of the region’s top beach getaways, Cartagena has also been attracting the attention of food lovers the world over, most recently in the NY Times this Sunday where the paper explored three of the city’s best restaurants.

In describing the eclectic influence the city’s many cultures have had on the food, the Times notes, “[o]ccasionally, the chef may give a nod to French or Italian cooking, but tamarillo ratatouille, grilled squid and homemade coconut broth are never far away.” And, if you weren’t already convinced, take a look at Anthony Bourdain’s recent excursion there where he munched on some of the best ceviche that he’s ever had.

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