So Did I Mention I Was Heading To Colombia In One Week?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As if I haven’t belabored the point already, I’ll be heading to Colombia one week from today (Tuesday, November 18th) for my now annual Thanksgiving holiday pilgrimage to South America where I can truly celebrate the meaning of Thanksgiving, which is, um, well I’ll get back to you.

Of course, while I’m down there I’ll be blogging every step of the way, from my arrival into Bogota, to my next stop in Cartagena, as well as my side-trip to the famed Tayrona National Park (as seen above). So be sure to check in beginning next Wednesday to follow along. For a little preview, here’s a great photo essay by National Geographic Traveler from their recent feature story on Colombia.

As I’m typing I’m starting to think of things I need to do before I go:

1) Stop being sick. Why do I come down with a cold every 3 months in New York? Why do cold germs in NYC seem to acquire superhuman powers and why do I succumb to their evil ways?

2) Buy a travel alarm clock. I’ve gone through two in the past year alone. The first lasted a good two days before crapping out. The second weighed more than most standard barbells and went off at random times throughout the day — and of course inevitably every time I was boarding a plane.

3) Open a Capital One bank account. Did you know they don’t charge fees for ATM withdrawals in other countries? Now if I could only convince them to pay me a fee every time I used an ATM I could probably finance this entire trip.

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