Prices Plummet On Flights To Hot Panama

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Has anyone else noticed how cheap it’s become to fly to Panama? (I found rates as low as $336 from New York City). My friend’s heading down there for New Year’s this year and I suspect there will be plenty more travelers discovering this nation of 3 million so long as prices stay so low.

Also, did you know that the U.S. Dollar is accepted everywhere you go in Panama in addition to their own currency, the Balboa, which is pegged to the dollar? Bad new for those Americans who enjoy doing complex division while traveling; good news for the rest of us.

Here’s a recent video from Lonely Planet exploring Panama City. Good video — annoying host. Oh man, please don’t tell me I come off like this guy in my videos, or I promise, for the good of the world, I’ll quit doing them this instant.

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