Colombia Trip: Day Two

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday nights in Bogotá means Quiebra Canto, the two-story club/bar. Converted from an old house, this club really seemed like the only thing going on Bogotá and by 11:30 it seemed like half the population of the city was there. Good D.J. — he somehow managed to mix a collection of Reggaeton, 80s rap, and Latin music and kept the crowd going until closing at 2 a.m.

Today, I checked out the massive museum complex, the Colecion de Arte del Banco de la Republica, which is actually a series of 5 museums, all free, and all nearly empty during the weekdays. The highlight is the Museo Botero, a collection of 123 pieces by the artist himself, Colombias most famous artist, Fernando Botero.

The computer Im using at a nearby internet cafe is sooo slow, and its not letting me use that one key that you find on Spanish keyboards that lets you use the at sign or apostrophes, hence the improper contractions. I hope I dont have too many English teachers reading this site. So Ill stop typing and post a couple more pictures. Check back tomorrow and I promise to do more around the city and Ill even try to post a little video of beautiful Colombia.

Great grafitti all over the city. Brooklynites should take notice.

Incredible view from the museum of one of the citys oldest cathedrals

Very cool exhibition. This artist has a thing for kitchen furniture.

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