What’s It Like To Ski The World’s Northernmost Ski Resort?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Riksgransen, located in northern Sweden (and by northern Sweden I’m talking barely outside the Arctic Circle northern Sweden) is famed in the ski world as ” . . . a bit of a legendary place for the Swedes,” or for that matter, the world over, for both its extreme setting as well as one of the few places you can ski past midnight while the sun is still shining (and I thought it was cool to sit at a bar and drink a beer under the midnight sun in Sweden).

By plane, expect a 1.5-hour flight, or for the truly masochistic, cozy up with 5 ski bum strangers and take the 18-hour train north, where I’d recommend you bring along a large reserve of Schnapps and plenty of reindeer embroidered pullovers for the frigid ride north.

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