Virgin Passenger To Branson: Your Food Stinks

Monday, January 26, 2009


You remember your first job (or your current one if you’re that unlucky) where given your low level on the totem pole, you were the one that was subjected to the ranting of the really-pissed-off-customer, and all you wanted was for that person to realize how little you care?

Well, if your name is Richard Branson, then everyone knows exactly who you are and what businesses you own, and therefore you’re unfortunately going to be that person people are going to rant to directly. Take this recent unhappy traveler who was so upset at the meal they were served during their flight from Mumbai to London, he or she went ahead and crafted this masterful, 1,075-word smackdown (with seven accompanying photo exhibits — see above) complaining about their pea-infested dessert and cookie served in a bag usually used for illegal drug transactions.

My favorite quote: “Richard . . . What is that white stuff?” If that question is being asked it’s time to switch seats.

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