Top 8 Reasons To Love Canada

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Eva over at WorldHum is defending her home country of Canada, highlighting her top eight reasons why Canada rules. From kooky hockey sportscasters, the ability to road trip it to the Arctic, and their abundance of talented comedians (although the entire “Kids In The Hall” are unforgivably omitted in this piece), Canada has plenty of reasons to attract visitors from around the world.

From my own experience, I can’t imagine anywhere in the world I’d rather be than in Montreal from early June through the middle of July when the Montreal Jazz Festival wraps up. Beautiful weather, happy people, events almost every weekend; now the winter on the other hand . . .

In a related piece, Rolf ponders the question many Americans have been thinking about post-Obama election: Will foreigners like us more? Rolf’s answer: no.

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