Send To China (Or Else!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Those always industrious elves over in the tree house are always up to something creative, and this week was no exception: they announced the finalists for their first annual Trippy Awards, a contest recognizing the many travel video contributors to their site. In addition to what has been described to me as a very shiny plaque, the winner will be awarded a trip to China (Beijing, Shanghai, trip up the Yangtze, etc…).

To vote for the various categories head here. To vote for, click on the guy in the middle of the top row that looks like he needs a haircut, and while you’re at it, stick around and watch some videos from all the other nominees. I’m not that good with threats, but if you don’t vote for me then I will protest by spending two weeks this summer in Tulsa. You heard right, presents Tulsa. You’ve been warned. (No offense to Tulsa and the many readers from there. I appreciate your patronage and your love of barbecue.)

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