Bourdain In Vietnam To Close Out Season 5A (Yes There’s A “B” Coming In August)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Don’t ask me why the Travel Channel splits up their seasons using an “A” and “B” instead of just starting with a new number, but I remember Andrew Zimmern mentioning this back at the NYT Travel Show when he was saying that he was either in his sixth or third season, depending on how you looked at it.

So Bourdain’s either closing out his tenth or his fifth season of “No Reservations” this week with his return to Vietnam, home of the Banh Mi, a pate smothered baguette filled with cucumber, egg, ham and mayonnaise. Watch as he digs in, describing the heart-stopping sandwich as a “symphony in a sandwich” (0:55) while standing next to his eerily similar looking travelmate. (Like a Bourdain Mini-Me don’t you think?)

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