Travel Video Wrap-Up: Learning To Fly in Hawaii, Learning To Drink In Dublin, Learning To Eat In Vietnam

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly, and now I really want to learn how to fly while in Hawaii. Highlight: Check out Akaka Falls at 3:16. Probably amazing on the ground, but even more so from a thousand feet in the air.

Colin something-or-rather (his mic somewhat blows) over at brings you “Dublin: 10 Things You Need To Know,” just in time for St. Patrick’s Day or for those of you taking advantage of $300 flights to the Irish capital in April – ahem, more about that to come. Highlight: 2:59 — All the city’s national museums and galleries are free. You had me at free.

This Lonely Planet video on Hanoi kind of works as a bookend to Anthony Bourdain’s trip there this week on “No Reservations” (see my post earlier this week). Both highlight Vietnam’s amazing food, but only one involves a grown man salivating at the sight of a baguette (I’ll let you guess which one). Highlight: 0:36 — “The best way to cross the road is to step into traffic . . .” Okay sounds suspicious but keep going . . .

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