Why Miami Has The Best Latin Music Nightlife Scene In The World

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live Music At The Place Of Miami

I dedicate this post to my Spanish teacher who, as we speak, is in Miami for Spring Break, lounging on South Beach, sipping sweet cocktails and thinking of new and creative ways to impart her knowledge of subjunctive verb conjugations on to her students (never mind that both she and our class are way beyond the socially acceptable age range for Spring Break — Andrea I applaud you).

Ranging from Flamenco, Cuban, Afro-Cuban, Latin-Jazz, Cubmia and Salsa; you can try to experience it all in one weekend spent in Miami, but prepared to stay off your feet for the rest of the week (and to call in sick to work while you sleep off those 4 a.m. mojitos). As this article describes, cramming it all in during one weekend means going from places like Casa Panza’s hacienda-like courtyard where “Buena Vista Social Club-friendly” music is playing, to The Place of Miami where “ceiling soars two stories above long rows of tables with white cloths that bask in a coppery glow from illuminated wall disks,” while musicians from Colombia, El Salvador, Cuba and Puerto Rico entertain the masses. Did I mention there’s no snow on the ground there too?

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