Is There Anything Worse Than That Feeling At The End Of A Trip?

Friday, March 20, 2009


I think Rolf Potts said it best:

During this time, fresh off your travel-high, you will have trouble settling in and reintegrating into a normal, home-based routine. Nothing will feel as fresh or exotic as it did during your travels, your old friends won’t relate to your amazing overseas experiences, and you’ll feel a strange sensation of homesickness for the road.

It’s like that feeling you used to get as a kid on Christmas day after you were done unwrapping presents. That’s it. All the anticipation, all the glory, all the good times, gone until next year. That sinking feeling starts to set in as you realize its just a matter of hours until its back to the grind of multiplication tables and diorama construction, with Christmas a full year around the corner.

I think it’s kind of like that at the end of a trip too, except maybe compounded because you also begin to realize that not only is your next trip a ways off, but you’re also going to be spending the foreseeable future paying off that past trip.

Bootsnall has 10 suggestions for beating those post-travel blues. My personal favorite is number three: “Write About Your Trip.” I agree, but I’d suggest to not only write about it, but also create a travel video from your trip, blog about it, and ruminate about it on your website for months afterward until you’re ready for the next.

I also like number four: “Start Planning Your Next Adventure.” This is like telling a drug addict to just go ahead and do more. It doesn’t really help get you over it, it just helps to feed the addiction; nothing wrong with that.

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