Can You Really See The Best Of Costa Rica In 8 Days?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Probably not, but you can make a valiant effort and try, so long as that nasty sunburn doesn’t totally incapacitate you, you survive that skull-crushing fall from the Class IV rapids, and you don’t react too badly from that orange-kneed tarantula bite (actually the venom is unlikely to kill you — more like getting stung by a bee, a bee that injects their victim with liquefying venom).

As the NYT points out, “twenty-seven percent of Costa Rica’s land area is devoted to national parks and reserves, one of the highest percentages for any country.” So it’s unlikely you’ll ever be far from someplace where you can enjoy a different aspect of the outdoors, be it via beach, river, or eco-park. It’s no surprise that Rica is Central America’s most popular destination, with an estimated 1.9  million visitors in 2007 alone.

“The larán Mountains northwest of San José, Costa Rica’s capital, Monteverde is a Disneyland for eco-tourists,” containing such far-flung enterprises as nature tours, private zoos, and a fair-trade coffee plantation. There are also thousands of plant, bird, and animal species to see that call the mountains home. Doesn’t this make you feel bad for those people who wasted their vacation-time in Cancun this Spring ?

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