How Blogging Is Changing The Travel World

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


CNN’s reporting how travel blogging is changing the world of travel. Such examples include JetBlue’s reluctant policy change to allow folded bikes on their planes (at no charge!), hotel management’s eagerness to quash bad publicity by bribing bloggers with free hotel rooms, and the clarification of WestJet’s breastfeeding policy (allowed!).

In all seriousness, I think what this article’s getting at is how the internet’s filling a void for real, honest, interesting travel coverage untainted by the heavily subsidized, press-junket infiltrated mainstream travel media. (Wow, that last sentence makes me sound like the Sean Hannity of travel blogging. I’ll try to tone it down a bit.)

The travel industry isn’t just hip to blogging. In many cases, it takes blogs more seriously than the mainstream media.

“Blogging has a sense of authority and authenticity that other media doesn’t have,” says Rebecca Goldberg, a hotel design expert and editor-in-chief of Boutique Design magazine.

Here’s where the piece strays a bit. The article goes on to describe how you, the opinionated traveler, can contribute to the travel blogosphere: “All it takes is a computer and an Internet connection.” (Uh-oh, my secret’s out.)

But remember, don’t start some lame, general-focus site that highlights plain old destination travel around the world (yawn). Try focusing on a single topic “like renting cars or visiting a particular destination, and you’re off to the races, say experts.” A car rental blog? They are so striking gold here. What about a comfortable walking shoe blog? A hidden money belt blog? The possibilities are endless!

Also, remember to dumb it down a bit. “Write in a more informal, conversational style” they advise. In other words, don’t respect your reader. What an erudite, sapient specimen of exhortation for us all to excogitate. I really mean that.

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