How Necessary Are Sheep In An Irish Travel Video? Very

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In preparation of my Ireland trip beginning next Tuesday, I decided to try to bone up on travel video making by watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain (I’m finishing up Season 1) as well as some old Michael Palin travel video (for you Netflix folks, you can stream his first two shows on your computer: Around the World in 80 Days and Polo to Pole).

Two things I’m realizing: 1) My videos would be a ton better if I had a cameraman to follow me along (kind of obvious, but more so now as I watch the likes of Bourdain and Palin); and 2) I need more on-air interviews/interactions. This was a little difficult in some of the places I’ve been because of the language barrier, but in my upcoming Ireland trip I’ve procured an interview with the Dublin Tourism Board along with a couple of young Dubliners who’ll be giving me some good insight into the city. Although, #1 presents quite a problem with #2, but I’ll figure that out.

The above clip is of Lonely Planet’s own Cahal McGroarty (guess where he’s from) sharing the highlights from his own country, from the wild, rugged outdoor in the “Kingdom of Kerry,” to Galway, which Cahal describes as one of his favorite places in Ireland.

He’s even able to work in some requisite shots of sheep crossing the road at 4:37, which, from what I can tell, no Ireland video is complete without. Let it be now known from this day forth, that I shall endeavor to, and shall achieve myself, the capturing of my very own sheep-crossing-the-street footage for my own Ireland video, or I shall deem the entire trip an utter failure. To be continued . . .

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