Dear Rolf: Where Should I Travel If I Want To Have Fun But Have No Money?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Fresh off his recent twitter controversy, Rolf’s answering tips as to where the best places are to travel around the world with little to no money. Actually, he’s letting Tim Leffel, author of “The World’s Cheapest Destinations” give his opinion. For a full explanation and things to do, click through the link:

1) Central America and the Caribbean: Honduras;

2) South America: Ecuador and Bolivia;

3) Europe: Czech Republic and Hungary;

4) Asia: Laos;

5) Africa: Egypt;

6) Oceania: Nowhere!

I was a little weary about the South America suggestion, so I left my own comment which, as of right now, has received zero responses. I guess this topic doesn’t rattle people as much as Twitter-bashing does. Here’s my comment:

To add my two cents to the “South America” suggestions, I disagree that “Ecuador and Bolivia are the cheapest interesting places to go in South America.” I’m not dissuading travel to either country, each would make a great trip, but there are a couple other options with arguably more diverse options (city and country) once you’re there.

First of all, Argentina is probably one of the most vibrant countries in the continent with some of the most diverse offerings. For Americans, the exchange rate is $1=3.69 pesos, making visits to trendy Buenos Aires extremely affordable and trips to the wine country and Patagonia very doable.

Second, Colombia’s exchange rate is $1=2377.5 pesos, which means you’re easily going to get by on less than $30/day, and there is a huge swath of offerings to see, from metropolitan cities to beautiful beaches. Security is almost a non-issue in most of the country and you’ll be hard-pressed to run into many tourists at even the country’s most popular sights (always a plus).

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