First Look: Images of Athens’s New Acropolis Museum

Monday, April 20, 2009


Images of Athens’s New Acropolis Museum have begun to crop up, and the good news is that it’s not bad as so many people had feared (in fact it looks pretty amazing). Rumored to be opening on June 30, the 130-million-euro complex containing over 4,000 artifacts will actually be opening on June 20, 10 days early.

Early reviews have been favorable, with culture and design/trend spotting something-or-rather site noting: “Instead of throwing up columns and attempting to blend into the ancient cityscape, the museum is completely abstract and modern. The controversial design resembles a stack of mislaid books, with the top floor askew to parallel the foundations of the nearby Parthenon, the middle floors a trapezoidal display area, and the bottom layer outlining the on-site archeological dig.”

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