Dublin’s Alternative To Temple Bar? Maybe

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The NYT is all about Dublin right now. After being mentioned in their article about dirt-cheap flights to Europe (Dublin is singled out for its $312 ticket from Newark — the same one I snagged last month), they also went ahead and published an article highlighting the up-and-coming Dublin neighborhood of Smithfield, just a short walk northeast of the city center.

I have to hand it to David Farley (remember him from this video?), I didn’t even know this was a neighborhood when I was here (I walked through it after seeing the Old Jameson Distillery, but it looked more like an empty street with exceptionally clean cobblestones).

But, apparently if I had stuck around a little longer, I would’ve discovered some of its “shabby-chic” bars, the Light House Cinema (one of Dublin’s few indie movie theaters), or its monthly horse market held on the first Sunday of the month where horses go for as little as 200 euros (perfect souvenir!). It’s worth checking out, but I’m not sure you’re going to need too much time seeing most of this ‘hood. My recommendation is still to head south to Wexford Street if you’re looking for a little more liveliness (it’s Dublin, isn’t that why you’re here?).

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