Is Tokyo’s Best Ramen Shop Run By A New Yorker?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Self-confessed “ramenjunkie” and Culinary Institute grad (and later NYC chef) Ivan Orkin decided to give up his life in the high-end world of NYC dining and pursue his dream by starting up a 10-seater ramen shop named, appropriately enough, Ivan Ramen, in a Tokyo suburb, all for the love of the noodle.

And to many people’s surprise, he’s made a splash in the 80,000-strong ramen shop scene in Japan (that’s one for every 600 people). You can find lines forming around his shop nearly every day and Ivan Ramen was recently named one of the top 10 ramen shops in Tokyo. A true model for all vagabonds in search of fulfilling their passion.

“My ramen is made with love, fresh ingredients and attention to detail. Although ramen is technically ‘fast food’ everything is made by hand from scratch. Just because food is ‘fast’ doesn’t mean it needs to be junk. I make this extra effort because the food I serve is made for the customer, and to give them the best possible food experience.”

Click through here for directions if you’re in town.

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