How Not To Be A Cow In Rome

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Isn’t a little disconcerting that so many animal metaphors are invoked when describing summer travel in Rome? Well, there’s a reason for it: too many people at too few sites equals cow-like tendencies. For a little help as to when to stray away from the herd, and when it’s best to go ahead and corral with the horde, see Ellen’s guide at BootsnAll on how to see the sights in Rome.

For example, the Colosseum is huge and there’s lots to see, but there’s really not much gained by joining a tour or hiring a guide; most of what you need to know can be carried around in a good guidebook. So give yourself a break and wander freely, saving time to feed the cats and gawk at tourists taking pictures with gladiators.

But when you’re at the Vatican Museum, those umbrella-toting 50-something guides who lead groups help to direct you to the prized sights in the vast museum and help to protect you from being crowded out by other mobs of art-goers, so sticking with your fellow bovine in this case may actually be okay. But make sure to ditch them as soon as possible when you’re done.

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