Summer Spotlight: Turkey

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We’re now just about at the halfway point of May, which means that most travelers are, or should be, in the final stages of finalizing those crucial summer getaways (well, at least for those of us north of the equator). Of course Europe is a popular summer getaway for many people, but I wanted to go ahead and spotlight Turkey, the country that’s a little bit Europe, a little bit Asia; a little bit Middle East, a little bit part of all three.

For an Australian’s view of the country . . . (highlight: Gallipoli at 2:14, site of where thousands died during WWI) . . .

. . . and a look at the boatload of history one should be prepared to take in while visiting . . .

. . . and for you nature-loving, ping-ping playing, relaxation types, head to Olympos for a backpacker’s paradise.

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