Uganda Is For Adrenaline Seekers

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Uganda, the “pearl of Africa,” is catching the eyes of adventure seekers traveling to Africa in search of hiking, bungee jumping, kayaking, wildlife encounters and, as experienced by this article in the NYT, white-water rafting, some of which is the best in the continent.

Even better, far from the dark days under the rule of Idi Amin, Uganda is actually one of the continent’s most stable and safe countries, and with prices a fraction from what you’d pay in nearby safari-centric nations (Kenya, Tanzania), Uganda should be at the top of the list for those traveling to East Africa.

Though the rafting trip taken in the above article seems to be mostly made up of amateurs, I’d advise anyone thinking of going to at least take a look at this group experiencing the “bad place” of the Nile before electing to take the so-called “wild” rapids over the “mild.” Forget a life jacket, I’d be wearing scuba gear here.

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