Love In The Time Of Travel

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Did anyone else notice that the best travel article in this Sunday’s NYT was actually in the back of the Magazine section? (Sigh, Bill Keller when are you going to wise up and let me run the section for you guys?) In it, soon-to-be-published Micheal J. White recounts a memorable night in Lima that marked the beginning of a summer backpacking trip through South America.

In a svelte 893 words, Michael looks back on a night spent out on the town with a friend’s 22-year-old maid who, had he mustered up the courage, could have easily become much more than a distant pen pal, which in the end, was what she became.

He really captures that sort of odd romanticism that seems to only exist during travel. That solace in a connection in a strange surrounding, the unique energy derived from endless possibilities, the excitement of discovery. It’s addicting, like travel itself, but truly unique. But if you think about it, travel does spawn a disproportionatley high number of sucessful relationships, more than, say, book clubs or grocery store encounters.

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