Why Boulder Rules In The Summer

Friday, June 26, 2009


When I lived in Boulder, Colorado, with eight of my friends, people would be surprised when they encountered the homeless guy that often called our porch home. I could’t understand their confusion. Welcome to Boulder, I used to tell them.

If you’ve only spent time in Colorado during the winter then you’re really missing out. Sunny days, zero humidity, and spectacular opportunities to enjoy the outdoors are only a few reasons why the summer months can rival those of the winter’s in the Rocky Mountains.

One of the state’s best towns, Boulder, a short distance north of Denver, has a huge biking population (almost one to one ratio between people and bikes), excellent restaurants, and plenty of other activities, as outlined in this article over at National Geographic. And if you happen to walk by my old place and see Leroy out front, say hi to him for me. Hopefully his new roommates are treating him well.

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