To Africa!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Granted, there are situations when procrastination may be a bad course of action. Non-elective surgery, paying taxes, ending bad relationships, and fire drills are a few that come to mind. Buying plane tickets? Perhaps not so much. After putting it off for weeks/months, I snagged myself a flight to South Africa at a price 30% lower than I had ever seen it since I started looking! to Africa: August 28th to September 12th. Four continents down, three to go.

Also, my staff and film crew will all be wrapped up during the length of the trip, so we are looking for guest editors for those two weeks. Payment will be nil, but who can put a price on infamy and altruism? If interested, contact us at the above link and introduce yourself. Experience, enthusiasm, and unsolicited platitudes are all encouraged.

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