Want The Real Berlin? Try Sleeping In A Berliner’s Bed. Berliner Optional

Friday, August 21, 2009


I guess I didn’t realize that short-term/weekly rentals are far and few between in England, so imagine the shock a Londoner received when they found out they can squat in a decked-out Berlin penthouse for a full week for about the same as one night would’ve cost in a hotel.

Turns out, Berlin’s student-heavy/artist friendly population means there’s a thriving supply of rooms to be had while the owner’s out-of-town. As the Guardian explains:

Berlin’s army of hard-up freelancers, artists and students rent rooms to strangers on a daily or weekly basis to claw cash back while they’re away from home, via sites and agencies such as exberliner, easywg.de, wg-gesucht.de, or studenten-wg.de.

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