End-of-Summer Roadtrip in…Namibia?

Monday, August 31, 2009


Despite being the second most sparsely populated country on the planet, Namibia is adventurously drivable, intensely beautiful, and perhaps even a bit luxurious.

That’s the gist of a recent travel article in the Guardian, which recounts a 12-day loop trip through the south of the country. Though the roads vary from fresh asphalt to what the author describes as “boulders,” the route is liberally stocked with guest lodges, ranging from sleeping bags under the stars to Swiss-trained chefs.

And of course, throughout the country you’re faced with extraordinary landscapes (like the Fish River Canyon) and unique African desert wildlife.

The author of this piece, though charged with the driving, went with a guide for an all-inclusive price of roughly $3,700 per person. TheExpeditioner.com would love to hear from someone who’s done it independently. Leave a comment if you have!

* Photo by geoftheref

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