Get Ruined In Jordan

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am always leery of reading about the Middle East as a travel destination. I should know better, the volatility doesn’t engulf the entire region, and once you’re there, you are guaranteed to experience a history dating back to before Western civilization was even thought of, sprinkled with some modern luxuries.

In this Travelmag article, the author takes us to the capitol of Jordan, Amman, to well kept ruins and mountains mentioned in the Bible. Not your thing? Check out the art galleries, or take a load off at one of the numerous resort spas. How about a trek past golden domed mosques set against thriving banana plantations on the banks of the Dead Sea? Intriguing, eh?

The best thing about it, while everyone else is stuck in lines outside the ruins of Italy or Greece, you will have a virtually queue free experience whether you are seeing ruins, or relaxing in the luxuries among the ruins. Are you saying I get to do all of this and battle fewer people along the way? That’s enough to convice me. I’ll see you there.

*Picture by ccarlstead

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