Asia On Two Wheels

Friday, September 4, 2009

bike through asia
Places like Taiwan, China, Laos, and Japan maybe more known for their motor bikes, or their overly utilitarian use of bicycles. This WSJ article, explores a less popular way to get moving through, and in touch with, the cultures of these these countries.

The article states, “Sometimes the truest way to experience a place is on the back of a bike.” No argument from me. Well, until the saddle sores set in. The human powered nature of the transport just seems to more easily immerse you in the local cultures you peddle through.  

Afternoon rides to a multiday trek through Laos, you can discover temples rarely seen by foreign eyes, refuel at roadside fresh fruit stands on the Chinese island of Hainan, or refill your water bottles at a fresh spring near Kyoto, Japan. 

Although outside of Asia, also described was a trip through the vineyards southeast of Melbourne, Australia. That’s most likely where you’ll find me. Although, who knows how many more miles I’d put after a few drinks. I can hear myself now, “you guys go on without me. I’ll catch up (snicker, snicker).”

By Jon Wick


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Jon lives in Butte, Montana, spending most of his time on skis or bikes; sometimes both. He began travel writing while teaching in Korea and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Technical Communication at Montana Tech. Jon has begun writing his first book, The Story of Will, whose movie rights are still (very) available. Catch more of Jon at (@ExpedJon)

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