Get Off The Beaten Track In New Zealand

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I won’t lie and say I’ve sat through the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. I know I should, but just haven’t yet. I have, however, seen just enough snippets of the movies to move New Zealand from my “check it out” list, to my “get your butt there” list, based solely on the scenery of Middle Earth.

As I assumed, with any place as beautiful as that, there are numerous well worn tracks zigzagging throughout the islands. Here, the guides at Active New Zealand, who have spent some serious time in the Kiwi backcountry, have generously put together a list of off the beaten track places to get you away from the throngs of people. Glaciers, valleys, peaks, and ridges, virtually all to yourself, simply for having the pleasure of getting your socks knocked off in relative privacy. How nice of them.

Also, if you’re a water person, this BootsnAll article, shows you seven lakes to visit when you spend some time on NZ’s south island. Each one looks to be well worth a visit.

Jaws… get ready to be dropped.

*Photo by Kiwinz

By Jon Wick


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