It’s Never Too Early To Get Your World Cup Tickets

Friday, September 11, 2009


South Africa 2010 starts exactly nine months from today. You’ve got plenty of time to get your tickets, right?

Ha! As a matter of fact, tickets to the tournament first went on sale back in May, so you can be assured the real diehards are already sittin’ pretty with theirs.

The purchase process is unnecessarily complicated as well, with sales divided into five phases, each with its own applications and ballots. The Guardian lays it out here.

On a related note, I watched Argentina lose one of their last qualifying matches to Paraguay two nights ago, which raises the real possibility that this will be the first World Cup not to feature the blue and white stripes since 1970.

Now that’s something. All the more reason to get those tickets (unless you’re a Maradona fan)!

* Photo by Ali Brohi

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